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Taylor's Flat Stanley Visits Austin, Texas

I am Taylor's Flat Stanley. Iwanted to travel, so Taylor slipped me inside an envelope andmailed me (and the envelope) off to her cousins.

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Taylor's cousins, Matt and Aaron Figg, live in Austin, Texas. Austin is the capitol city of Texas. By the way, their black dog, Mate, wants to say hello to her mom, Libby. Libby is Taylor's dog!


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The photo journal that follows tells of the many adventures I had on the trip!

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DAY 1:

Star6.wmf (1768 bytes)Austin is the capitol of Texas, and the men who make the laws for Texas (called the legislature) meet in the pretty pink granite capitol building in downtown Austin. The Figgs and I went to see them work.


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Then, we walked across the street to the governor's mansion.

This is where the governor of Texas lives while he is serving his term as governor. George W. Bush is our current governor, so he lives here.



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hikebiketrail.jpg (14191 bytes)Star6.wmf (1768 bytes)Today was a beautiful day, so we drove around the countryside around Austin. Austin sits in the middle of an area of Texas called the Hill Country. The Hill Country has lots of trees, lots of hills, and lots of water.


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Can you find me? Aaron and I are looking at the Colorado River that runs through Austin. This part of the river is called Town Lake. We are standing close to the Congress Avenue bridge that crosses the river. The bridge is the home for one of the largest urban colonies of Mexican free-tail bats.



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At night, they fill the sky as they fly out into the night to feed.




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This is Barton Springs, a natural spring that flows in downtown Austin. People swim in the spring all year long because the water temperature stays the same all year long…..68 degrees!

Brrrrr! Too cold for me!

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DAY 3:

Star6.wmf (1768 bytes)Today I became a "techie"! Austin is known as one of the largest "high-tech" areas in the United States. So, I posed for my picture to be on this webpage! I have my own web address now! You can find me at:

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Star6.wmf (1768 bytes)There is a big university that sits in the middle of Austin called the University of Texas. Both Matt and his mom attend the university, so I tagged along. Here I am in front of the U. T. Tower with Aaron.

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The university's mascot is a Longhorn, so here I am in my Longhorn colors (orange and white). I look almost good enough to be in the band with Matt. 





Matt and Aaron are showing off their Longhorn colors and Longhorn "horns!"

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DAY 5:

Star6.wmf (1768 bytes)Austin is a great place, and I have had a wonderful visit, but it's time to go home to Taylor! So, I will slip myself into another envelope and mail myself home!

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