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Taming the Technical Tangles!

The success of a project with the Electronic Emissary often is determined in the first few e-mail contacts with the teacher or the SME, and the rapport that is established within those first contacts is critical. Therefore, as conductors of this train called the Electronic Emissary, we wanted to provide you with some of the technical procedures necessary for a smooth, uneventful ride. It is our hope that providing you with shortcuts to the time-consuming technical issues, you will be allowed to give your full attention to addressing the personal issues of facilitation.

This section will address the technical necessities of facilitating an Emissary project account by providing you with examples for:

Setting up your e-mail management account (or how to configure your e-mail management program to receive messages, sort messages, and file them into mailboxes ready for you to review)


Setting up your tracking system (or the possible information that you might need to keep in a daily record)


Plus, check out these comments, tips, and reflections from your facilitating predecessors.


Judi Harris
judi.harris@mail.utexas.edu (www)
University of Texas at Austin
Department of Curriculum & Instruction

Handbook Author
Candace Figg
cfigg@mail.utexas.edu (www)
University of Texas at Austin
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