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Keeping "On Track"

Successful organization for a tour guide or a facilitator is merely a matter of setting up a system that can be utilized on a daily basis, so that the maintenance of records takes care of itself. To successfully facilitate a project with the Electronic Emissary, you must set up this organizational system. A quick survey of experienced facilitators indicated the following three organizational suggestions to aid you in keeping your projects "on track."

Suggestion #1:
Use a tracking system
Suggestion #2:
Set up your e-mail program to organize project messages
Suggestion #3
: Set a definite schedule to perform project tasks.

Judi Harris
judi.harris@mail.utexas.edu (www)
University of Texas at Austin
Department of Curriculum & Instruction

Handbook Author
Candace Figg
cfigg@mail.utexas.edu (www)
University of Texas at Austin
Instructional Technology Program