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The next step in the facilitation process is to get your participants "on board" the Electronic Emissary Express! Just as with a train trip, getting your guests "on board" and communicating with each other is a crucial step for success. During these first initial communications between teacher or Subject Matter Expert (SME) and the facilitator, the framework of the project is developed between the teacher and SME and the online working relationship is launched.

For facilitators from the University of Texas, the process involves serving as the tour guide to approximately 12 different projects whose participant interests and requirements are as individual as if they were twelve different tour guests. The facilitator's first job is to make the initial contact with the teachers requesting SMEs and then, contact the requested SME to see if they are available for such a project at this point in time. Using information provided by the e-mail accounts of the SME and the teacher, the facilitator requests that the system administrator establish an account for the project. Once the account has been established, the teacher and SME are invited to begin communication. As the facilitator, your job is to maintain contact with each team for the duration of the project to offer support in technical, curricular, and personal matters. In other words, as a facilitator, you will "help team members shape their projects according to their areas of interest and expertise, students' instructional needs, extent of internet access, and scheduling considerations."(http://www.tapr.org/emissary/infofac.shtml)

Although the process may sound a little intimidating and time-consuming, the procedure breaks into Seven Steps for Success. To consider these steps further, follow the Quick Start!


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