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Brace yourself for a learning adventure that is beyond compare! You will find that many of the teachers who participate in the Electronic Emissary Project are master teachers, willing to explore and experiment with new technologies, and seeking broader experiences that will connect their students to learning and the real world. You will be able to enjoy the journey as much as the participants, especially after you have organized your record keeping so that the projects are easy to keep on track! The learning that you enjoy will amaze you!

To explore further suggestions for strategies that are beneficial to successful facilitations, check out these:

So, sit back and enjoy! The journey will be over long before you are ready for it to end!


Judi Harris
judi.harris@mail.utexas.edu (www)
University of Texas at Austin
Department of Curriculum & Instruction

Handbook Author
Candace Figg
cfigg@mail.utexas.edu (www)
University of Texas at Austin
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