Paper-making Activity

Making Paper in the Classroom:
Students participated in the process of making paper. Directions for making paper can be found in many places on the Internet. See the following for suggestions:

Paper University presents how to make paper present Beakman & Jax Make Paper

Paper Making Recipe at Planetpals

LINIT Starch-N-Crafts Idea Site

The Paper Making Industry:
Students reviewed the process of making paper from the planting of seeds to the growth of seedlings into saplings and into mature trees ready to harvest. The students then followed the harvested timber through the process that turns the timber into paper.

Germinating the plants Harvesting seeds from cones Seedlings planted in rows in the fields
Mature trees harvested and being transported to the mill Huge vats that cook the ground up trees into pulp Rolls of paper that result from the pulp being pushed through large presses

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