Language Arts Activities


Literature Connections: Books used to support the learning activities include the following:

  • Bang, Molly (1997) Common ground: The water, earth, air we share
  • Burdette, Janet (1988) The manufacture of pulp and paper: Science and engineering concepts
  • Golden Guide Nature Series
  • Kuhn, Dwight (1988) The hidden life of the forest
  • Pfeffer, Wendy (1997) A log’s life
  • Rose, Deborah (1990) The people who hugged the trees: An environmental folk tale
  • Silverstein, Shel (1964) The giving tree

Student Journals: Throughout the activities, students were asked to reflect upon what they were learning by creating journals. Paper made in the paper-making activity became the display paper for student writings.

Creating stories: Students were asked to write their own fiction stories and poems that incorporated trees.

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